Is Drinking Raw Milk Safe?

Dr. Dat Q. Tran with Melissa Wilson on Fox 26 News Health Watch discussing the risk and benefit of drinking raw milk.

Raw versus Pasteurized Milk 

Given the rise in allergic diseases, particularly milk allergy, proponents of raw milk advocate that it provides beneficial nutrition including good bacteria (probiotics). Consuming fresh foods has enormous health benefits. However, the moment any fresh food is packaged and put on store shelves or stored at home for later consumption, it is no longer fresh. Outgrowth of harmful bacteria such as E coli, campylobacter, and salmonella can cause fatal infections, especially in those with a weaken immune system. Fresh food without preservatives and fresh raw milk produced by reputable farms should be consumed immediately to enjoy its freshness and not stored for later consumption. There are many factors to the development of milk allergy, which occurs mostly during infancy. Many will outgrow but some will have a more prolonged course, severely affecting their growth and development. Now there is a treatment for the milk allergy that can allow you or your child to live a normal life again. Check out OLLEREG at for more information and make an appointment at our clinic to being your treatment.

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