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Board-certified allergist and immunologist with expertise in allergic and immunologic conditions affecting adults and kids. Voted Consistently Best Houston Top Doctor in Allergy & Immunology since 2013 by Houstonia.

DAT Q. TRAN | MD, FAAAAIAllergist, Immunologist, Scientist, Innovator
An Allergist | I care for kids and adults with allergic diseases to provide them with a more comfortable life. The symptoms of allergy, such as itching, swelling and sneezing, might not always be solely immune mediated, but also neurological, psychological and other factors. Recognizing these intricacies to balance between a medical and homeopathic approach will provide more meaningful treatment while minimizing potential side effects.

An Immunologist | The purpose of the immune system is to provide protection against microbes. Too less or too much of its activities can result in diseases. Non-microbial signaling can trigger aberrant immune responses, causing inflammatory and stress reactions. I help patients suffering with too weak or too strong of an immune system regain a delicate balance and not swing from one end to the other.

A Scientist | To care for patients is to implement existing knowledge and guidelines. To cure patients is to understand their problems and to create new knowledge when there is none. Avoidance is not a treatment for food allergy but a lack of knowledge. It is absolutely unfulfilling to make the diagnosis of food allergy and then recommend avoidance. With this constant frustration, I am developing novel allergen immunotherapy targeting sensory receptors and our microbiome as adjuvants to achieve immunological tolerance. I am also developing regulatory T cell therapy to prevent and treat autoimmune conditions such as graft versus host disease, as well as modulate their functions to optimize anti-tumor cellular immunotherapy.

An Innovator | There are always opportunities to improve when one chooses not to accept something that can be better. The process of physician-patient care is extremely expensive yet highly inefficient, with the patients typically getting the least benefits. Developing an EMR system that focuses on transparency, accessibility and direct communication without redundancy will provide more meaningful patient care.


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Personalized Healthcare Through Innovation

Cookbook medicine is not security, instead meaningful patient care is our responsibility. As expert in the area of allergy and immunology, we have to be pioneers and go outside the box to deliver the most innovative treatment. Our patients seek us because no one else has offered an answer or solution to their debilitating medical conditions. To be meaningful requires personalized medicine and accessibility, because each patient is unique and their conditions are dynamic. Therefore, optimal care is not just 30-60 minute visit and a 3-6 month follow-up. A continuous dialogue between the patients and our healthcare team is necessary to better understand their disorders and fine tune their treatments to optimize efficacy and minimize side effects. With many of these complex medical illnesses, often times there isn’t a convenient diagnostic testing and a single pill to resolve the issue. It would require multidisciplinary specialty care to bring the patient back to a better health. At Innovative Allergy Clinic, we will be at the forefront to help you navigate through this complicated medical system so that one day you will feel better and live better.

  • Personalized patient care

  • Convenient accessibility

  • Innovative treatment

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Our Values

The art of medicine and patient care is to focus on the patient first and provide the most meaningful care. Use medicines appropriately and effectively to treat a condition and be vigilant of when to discontinue treatment to minimize side effects. In other words, don’t just prescribe medicines but have a treatment plan and expectation. If the expectation is not achieved, then change the treatment plan. Maintain good communication and transparency with the patients and always be accessible. Ultimately, success is seeing my patients and saying hello to them in the parks, grocery stores and community.

At Innovative Allergy Clinic, it is not simply to to offer standard medical diagnosis and treatments. We are always innovating for more curative immunotherapy and efficient patient-focused medical care. Our vision:

  • Treatments for food allergy beyond just avoidance
  • Convenient, effective and painless immunotherapy for environmental allergies
  • Transparent and easily accessible medical care between the patient and physician

If you’re not completely satisfied, then we are not completely satisfied. We stand behind our services and treatments. We are unique and the only medical practice that offers 100% satisfaction guarantee for the first 6 months on our novel oral immunotherapy, OLLEREG. As our patients, you become our families. You can contact us 24/7 via phone, text or email directly to our physician or advanced practice provider.

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Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless.

Amazing doctor doesn’t even begin to describe Dr. Tran and his team! We are sooooooo happy to have him leading our Dream Team of doctors! Our girls are doing amazing thanks to finally having the right doctors in place and Dr. Tran is at the center of that!


Dr. Tran is an amazing doctor. He has helped me go from dreading going outdoors to enjoying my time outside. I used to take 3 allergy shots twice a week for years, take 3 or more medications daily and still did not have complete relief from my seasonal allergy symptoms. Since I started on his OLLEREG, I am able to enjoy my time outdoors and only very occasionally take an antihistamine.


Dr. Tran is truly amazing. He views his patients as a whole and treats the whole person instead of one symptom. Dr. Tran listens to his patients and family members and speaks to them in a manner that is comforting and easy to understand. He sees my medically complex 5 year old daughter and recently alerted us to an urgent situation with my daughter that was not caught by her other providers. He saved her life. We travel 7 hours to see Dr. Tran and I would highly recommend him to everyone.




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